Herr's Sandwi-Chips 12 Count Variety Pack

Herr's Sandwi-Chips 12ct. Variety Pack

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Finally, the perfect potato chips to add to Sandwiches! This 12 count variety pack includes 4 bags of each of our Sandw-Chip flavors! These heavily seasoned chips have the bold flavor of your favorite condiments along with the big crunch of potato chips, adding a satisfying experience to any meal. Add Herr’s® Sandwi-Chips™ to your next meal to take it to a whole new level!

Included Products:

(4) 2.375 Oz. Ketchup Sandwi-Chips Bags
(4) 2.375 Oz. Mustard Sandwi-Chips Bags
(4) 2.375 Oz. Sweet Onion Sandwi-Chips Bags

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